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PrintThe world we live in is broken. All of us suffer. We all have our imperfections. Sometimes there seems no hope.

How can we possibly talk about a God of love and grace in a world like this?

You see, many of us have heard of grace, but not many of us talk about it. Many of us want to believe in grace, but the messy and often painful reality of our lives and the world we live in causes us to lose faith.

And as a result, we can’t understand how grace can possibly exist.  And we can even lose faith in God Himself.

In ‘Mosaic of Grace: God’s Beautiful Reshaping of Our Broken Lives’, I explore through both scripture and many stories from my own life and the lives of others, precisely what grace is and how it’s central to our view of God.

Crucially, I also examine and discuss just what grace looks like in a world which is so broken, and how it makes sense of our messy lives.

As I’ve explored grace, I’ve come to see it  has an edge & a cost, and it strips us down and exposes our dark places. But in the process, far from wrecking our lives, I’ve come to understand how it’s through grace God puts our broken, shattered lives back together to form a beautiful mosaic.

Even yours.


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61wQZB2-8CL._UX250_“Mosaic of Grace” collects the messy and broken parts of our lives and helps us sort the pieces into a beautiful work of sacred art, giving glory to God.
James is a man of stubborn hope and you will close this book with a profound sense of encouragement.”
– Sarah Bessey, author, ‘Jesus Feminist’




imgresYou can’t encounter the messy, violent, uncomfortable grace that James writes about and stay the same. 
But then again, who would want to stay the same when God is offering you an invitation to let his grace love you to wholeness?”
    Wendy Van Eyck, author, “Life, Life & More Life”


 ‘Mosaic Of Grace’ Posts

I’ll be writing a series of posts & guest posts in the build up & launch of the book. Below are links to all these posts, which all relate back to elements of the book itself. I’d love you to check them out.

“In Which A Strange Word Teaches Us About Grace” – guest post for Sarah Bessey

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