synCreate is a worldwide collaborative creative community, exploring spirituality, identity, calling & creativity, co-curated by myself and Lisa Delay.

Our goal is to build a collaborative creative community, working together to help each other grow, and discover our calling, identity, and explore our creative gifts – and to have fun in the process. And all are invited!

We’re all creative, so you’re all invited to join this community today. You can join the Facebook community here, and follow it on Twitter at @synCRATE01. The intro video is below.

Through the year we’ll be focussing on one theme per monthshown in the graphic below – and you’re free to create anything which aligns with that theme, and share it with the hashtag #synCREATE – and share it  in our Facebook group too!

Here’s the basics:

Who is synCREATE for?

Anyone who enjoys creating. Newbies and experienced. Pro & amateur.

Create using any medium and on any platform.

Joining us will be photographers, broadcasters, podcasters, musicians, performance artists, fine artists, writers, poets, Instagramers, YouTubers, FaceBookers, bloggers, videographers, multimedia artists, creators, makers of all kinds.

The only limit is your imagination.

Each month is a new theme. The themes for 2016 are listed at the bottom of the page.

Here’s our promo video:

I’d like to play along…HOW DO I GET INVOLVED?


  1. Create something related to the month’s theme.
  2. Share it in the digital world using a #synCreate hashtag so we can all find it.
  3. That’s it.

The second Saturday of each month we’ll be hosting a live Blab call to discuss that months theme. You can sign up for the discussion on ‘Vocation/Calling’ on Jan 9th here.  (4pm UK time, 11am CST, 8am PCT). The video for our launch call is embedded below!

Creativity is way of joining in with the joy of the divine – so at synCreate you have permission to create with joy & have lots of fun too! Sign up and join in today!

Monthly Blab Recordings & 2016 schedule

Launch Video – Discussing SynCREATE


January 2016 – Vocation & Calling



February 2016: Reclaiming Repentance



2016 Monthly Themes


synCREATE themes 2016