Guest Post?

DownloadedFile-1In the coming months I’m hoping to publish guest posts from fellow writers on a more regular basis – and you can be part of this. I’m open to submissions from people who offer a different perspective on life, faith, creativity and what it means to follow Jesus in a messy world – and this includes you.

I love to encourage and support other writers, and want offer an alternative perspective on the issues I cover on this blog.If you’re a writer, and have a story to tell or something to share, then I’d love to host you.

There’s more info on how to submit or pitch a post below, but first, let me share some of the guest posts I’ve already shared. I’ve had the privilege of hosting several excellent guest posters on this blog, great writers like Tanya Marlow and Wendy van Eyck, amongst others.

I’m also looking forward to hosting several more great writers in 2014. If you’d like to be one of them, check out my guidelines below and go ahead and submit a post. I promise I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Meantime, here’s the guest posts I’ve hosted already:


Building Up (Guest Post by Tanya Marlow)

When A Gift Doesn’t Look Like One (Guest Post by Joy Lenton)

The Night I Forgot the Words (Guest Post by Tim Gallen)

God, Artists & The Void (Guest Post by Deanne Welsh)

The Difference Encouragement Makes (Guest Post by Wendy van Eyck)

What the Angels Said (Guest Post by Annmarie Miles)

A Road Map of Struggle (Guest Post by Wendy van Eyck)


Guest posts picWant to Guest Post?

Okay, so you want to guest post and showcase your work here?

Here’s some guidelines and more information. Before I get to the guidelines though, I just want to clarify that all posts should be on a subject related to the the core themes of this blog – the power of words to shape us, living a better story and discovering our identity, and topics related to faith and writing/creativity.

Next up, here’s my guest post guidelines:

1) Please make your posts no shorter than 450 words, and no longer than 750 words.

2) Please put a byline/bio of about 35-45 words at the end of the post with details of your website and social media contact details, and links to any resources you want to promote – please make this succinct and clear so readers can follow it easily.

3) Please attach a picture for use in the post, and if possible where it’s sourced from, and also attach a picture of yourself for me to use with your byline/bio.

4) I’d appreciate if you allowed at least two weeks for me to read your submission. I will try to respond to every submission, but please do give me time to respond.

5) I’d prefer any pitches/submissions to be posts which you have not posted before on any other blog site, including your own.

6) I reserve the right to accept or reject any submissions or pitches, and also to decide when they will be posted. If they are accepted I will contact you and liase with you regarding the post, and send you a link ahead of time if possible.

7) If you have a post published, I would really love you to promote it on your own social media accounts and possibly on your blog.


How do I submit/pitch a post?


It’s really simple. Just e-mail either a completed post – attached as either a pages or word document – or your pitch (which can be in e-mail format) to

My intention is the host at least one guest post a month, but this may increase depending on submissions. And if I host your guest post once, then the opportunity will be there for you to guest post again for me in future, and if you’d like, I’d love to guest post for you as well.

I hope this is all clear, any questions, just send them via e-mail to the above address and I’ll get back to you!


Look forward to hearing from you, and maybe hosting your work!


Take care,