About Me


I love to write and create. More than anything though, I get a buzz from seeing others find their true creative voice, and be free from fear to create the life and work they were made to do.

This passion has led me to use my 15 years blogging and writing experience, including writing 4 e-books and a trade book, to coach other writers & creative people, and help them find their unique writing voice and explore their creative calling.

I’ve also spoken at events for creative entrepreneurs on overcoming creative anxiety and people pleasing, connecting with your heart and pursuing your calling.

So if you’re a writer or creative looking to overcome fear, build good creative habit and find your voice, or a creative entrepreneur looking to connect with your heart calling, I can help you. You can find information on my coaching here.

I write books, blog posts, host a podcast, and create other work which explores issues of spirituality, creativity, identity, calling, living an authentic life, and what it really means to be human. This site is my online home where you’ll find my blog, and information on all my other work.

I used to care what others thought of my writing. I used to make numbers & stats an idol and was a people pleaser. Now what I care about most is creating the highest quality work I can.

And above all, making everything I create the most honest work I can, true to who I am, and my story – and I want help others do that too.