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Hi, I’m James. Welcome to my online home.

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I write books & blog posts, host a podcast, and offer coaching, to help us explore our spirituality & creativity, discover our true identity and find our unique voice.

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I talk about how we can discover our identity & calling, find our unique voice, how we can explore and develop our creative gifts, and lessons I’m learning from my spiritual journey.

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A New Look, Embracing Your Other Side & Letting Grace In

A New Look, Embracing Your Other Side & Letting Grace In

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. Today is kind of an update/catch up post – it’s a busy day for me, writing wise, with two guest posts on other blogs – and a new look for this site! There’s lots of news so let’s get going:
Why A Platform Is A Responsibility, Not A Quest For Glory

Why A Platform Is A Responsibility, Not A Quest For Glory

In the last 48 hours social media has gone into meltdown in reaction to the disgraceful comments made by Donald Trump in 2005, comments which effectively endorse patriarchy and rape culture. Comments which have no place in civilised society. And no place in the White House. As a regular visitor to social media, there has, rightly, been outrage - both at the comments themselves and some people’s reaction to them. Including from myself. There’s been many comments which have left me dumbfounded. One of these was from a major author a critic of Trump’s comments - who made clear there were people DM’ing them their outrage, but not saying anything publicly for fear of losing their platforms. And when I saw that, I was shocked.
Why Being A Perfectionist Wrecks Our Creativity

Why Being A Perfectionist Wrecks Our Creativity

“It’s got to be perfect” the old song goes. And many of us, when we’re doing any kind of work, can easily begin to think it has to be. After all, we live in a world where value comes from what you produce, what you earn, your position, and, at times, your relationship status. That's one of the main reasons we buy into perfectionism so easily. The pursuit of perfection is ingrained in our culture. But perfectionism can kill our joy, it can ultimately bring us down, and make us feel worthless. And as indeed research has shown it to have a negative impact on our physical and mental health, and decrease our chances of success. And in art, it can prevent us from ever sharing our work, and freeze our creativity.
Why It’s Easier To Believe In Others Than In Ourselves (& What We Can Do About It)

Why It’s Easier To Believe In Others Than In Ourselves (& What We Can Do About It)

"Believe in yourself". How many times have you heard that mantra preached to you? I've lost count of the times I have. I think a more accurate, helpful phrase might be 'Trust In Yourself' You see I've always a great believer in encouragement. I've always been an optimist when it comes to other people. I have great belief in others potential. I love to encourage others, and I have great confidence in others ability to grow and thrive. But I have none for myself.

I host a weekly podcast on spirituality, creativity, & identity.

On the show I interview NYT bestselling authors, musicians, pastors, philosophers, thought-leaders and even neuroscientists – on these and other fascinating topics.

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Episode 74 | Chasing Lovely 3: The Wolfies Reunited (With Exclusive LIVE Performance)

My friends Chloe and Taylor Turner, AKA Chasing Lovely, return to the podcast today for the fourth time - third time as guests. As ever, we have a whole load of fun discussing spirituality, creativity, mystery, doubt and loads more. Chloe and Taylor share what's happening on their own journey, as individuals and as a band, both creatively and spiritually. They also discuss how their spiritual journey is impacting their creative journey, and the continuing intersections between those two areas. The duo also discuss their next musical project, and exclusively share a new, unreleased track performed live and exclusive for James Talks. Plus, you'll finally hear the secret story behind how and why the Chasing Lovely episodes are called 'Wolfie' episodes! 🙂 Talking to these guys is always so much fun and they have such wisdom and maturity beyond their years in the areas of creativity and spirituality. I know you'll all love this episode.

Episode 73 | Steve Austin on Suicide, Depression & Messy Grace

Author, speaker and pastor Steve Austin joins me today. He shares his powerful journey, which took him from being a pastor to porn addiction, depression and a suicide attempt, leading to a spell in therapy. But the story didn't end there. Steve rebuilt his marriage and his life, and became a successful author, blogger and now, again, a pastor. It's a challenging, inspiring and deeply moving story, a story of messy grace which can give hope to us all. Whatever your circumstances, take a listen to Steve's story, and I think you'll find a reason to hope.

Episode 72 | Sarah Arlen on Creativity, Suffering & The Two Types Of Creator

Actress, producer & filmmaker Sarah Arlen joins me today. Sarah is currently putting the finishing touches to 'Twice' a film she both produced, wrote and starred in. Sarah shares her own powerful story of her battles with depression and how that's impacted her creative journey. We discuss in more detail the links between suffering and creativity, and the healing power of creativity. Sarah then goes on to discuss the two types of creator, and how we can better explore our own creative side and find healing through artistic expression. Sarah is a dear friend, and here she shares with great courage and honesty about her struggles, and she has incredible wisdom on creativity. Give it a listen!

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