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We all need grace, and we all need to encourage & be encouragers.

In late 2014 I’m releasing my first full length book, ‘Mosaic of Grace: God’s Beautiful Reshaping of Our Broken Lives’. Sign up below to exclusive insider information on this, as well as free copies of my two e-books on encouragement – ’5 Steps to Encouragement’ & ‘Reflections on Encouragement’. You’ll also get other exclusive material and blog updates.

‘Mosaic of Grace collects the messy & broken parts of our lives & helps us to sort the pieces into a beautiful work of sacred art, giving glory to God” - Sarah Bessey, Author, “Jesus Feminist”

Life Can Kill Us…But Sometimes We Must Laugh

Last year I was on holiday in Malta with two friends. We were on the bus home from one of our days out. It was an open top bus, and lovely weather, so we sat on top at the front. Now, two days before, I’d got out the bus on another trip, and tripped over [...]

What Goatees Teach Us About Failure

I had an epileptic fit last month, which left some cuts on my face, and stopped me shaving for a while. As a result, a goatee began to grow on my face. And because people like it, and the scar hasn’t fully healed yet, I’m yet to shave it off. It’s looking like becoming a [...]

You Already Change The World – So Change It Well (Five Minute Friday)

(Picture: Richard Freeman via Creative Commons)   Today I’m participating in Lisa-Jo Baker’s “Five-Minute Friday”. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it’s simple: Write for 5 minutes, straight from the heart, on a given subject – and then share it. No edits, no marinading or reflecting – just write and share. Today’s word is ‘encouragement’. And as [...]

The Question We All Ask (And The Answer)

(Picture: Reem AA via Creative Commons) When I began this blog, I was thinking this would be a blog about faith. I had visions on myself as a Rob Bell-type talking about Christianity, faith and life in an honest, true and intelligent way. I would use religious langauge, tackle religious topics and issues around spirituality, [...]

Why We Can’t Live Without Encouragement (or Community) – guest post for Joan Hall

Today is the final day of my ‘week of encouragement’. Encouragement is a big theme which goes through much of my writing, and I’ll be looking at the power of words to shape us, the importance of encouragement and what it means for us, a lot more in the coming months. This week we’ve talked [...]

Encouragement & A Life In Writing – an interview by Troy McLaughlin (FREE MP3 download)

Hi everyone. This week is my ‘week of encouragement’, and I’ve been sharing some great resources with you to help you encourage others, tell a great story and maximise the power of words in your life. On Monday I talked about how words have the power to shape the world. I talked about my two [...]

Why Encouragement Is The Secret to Discovering Your Identity (a guest post for Chris Morris)

Hi everyone. The week of encouragement continues today, and I have the privilege of being a guest poster for my dear friend Chris Morris. He’s an writer and blogger, and blogs regularly on strategies for encouragement and not giving up on the journey of life. He’s become like a brother in recent months, and I’m [...]

How Encouragement & The Matrix Changed My Life – an video interview by Lorna Kopp

Hi blogging community. Welcome back to my “week of encouragement”, as I talk about the power of words, how they shape us, the importance of encouragement and how we need to use our words better. And today I have a video to share with you! Yesterday I talked about how words shape us for either [...]