Poema S2 04 | The Blacksmiths Daughters On The Story Of An Album

Today musical quartet the Blacksmiths Daughters return to the podcast. Julida & Sean Alter return from our first interview we’re also joined by the other half of the band, Annetta and Brent Platter. Julida and Anetta are sisters, and together with their husbands, and others, are creating truly authentic, personal music

Poema S2 03 | Perfectly Abnormal with Chris Morris

Chris Morris joins me today to discuss his new book ‘Perfectly Abnormal’. In the book he strives to destroy some common myths facing the chronic illness community, including a poor theology of illness. From there, he begins a conversation about how to build a healthy place for the chronic illness community to be safe.

Poema S2 02 | Questions We Don’t Ask 2 – How Do I Believe?

Today our ‘Questions We Don’t Ask’ series continues, with the fundamental question of ‘How Do I Believe?’

Continuing from where we left off last week, Charles Porter and I discuss how, whilst so often we discuss what we believe, that maybe the deeper, more fundamental question is how we believe.

Poema S2 01 | Questions We Don’t Ask 1 – What Do I Believe?

Season 2 of the Poema Podcast kicks off with a new series we’ll be doing on and off over the next few months – “Questions We Don’t Ask”. This series will see me and others discuss raw, honest and challenging questions of faith and our spiritual journey.

Today myself and Charles Porter begin by asking the very simple ‘What Do I Believe?’. A question which takes us to places we never expected.

Why Artists Need Our Why

If we’re going to go create work, and share it with the world, there’s some serious questions we need to ask ask ourselves first.

Why do I create?

What am I doing this for?

Who am I doing this for?

And this leads us to some more fundamental questions…

Poema 025 | Where We Are

Today on the podcast I do a reflection on my own journey of the last 18 months – both spiritual and creative, the importance of taking a break, of refuelling, reimagining, disconnecting, and how this is absolutely necessary to our growth.

Poema 024 | Matthew Brough on Spirituality For Normal People

Today I’m delighted to host Matthew Brough, pastor, author and host of the ‘Spirituality For Normal People’ podcast. We talk about whole range of topics, including creativity, the spirituality of writing fiction, spiritual practices and more.

Poema 023 | Joy Resor & Finding Joy On Your Shoulders

Today I’m joined by author and spiritual counsellor Joy Resor. Joy shares her own story of how deep suffering and grief set her on the path to finding her true purpose, and how she discovered joy in the process.

Poema 22 | Rebecca Lombardo on Creativity & Living With Mental Illness

Today author, blogger and podcaster Rebecca Lombardo joins me on the podcast. For 25 years Rebecca has battled with mental illness of various kinds. She’s also had to undergo the trauma of losing both parents, and battled with suicidal thoughts. Yet through writing, publishing a book, podcasting, and an incredibly supportive husband, she has survived and is doing amazing work creating safe spaces for people to discuss mental illness.

Poema 021 | Gungor

I’m delighted to welcome Michael and Lisa Gungor to the podcast today. Michael and Lisa have created some amazing music over the years and have some phenomenal wisdom on spirituality, creativity, and the personal journey. I’m so excited to share this interview with you.