Poema S2 01 | Questions We Don’t Ask 1 – What Do I Believe?

Season 2 of the Poema Podcast kicks off with a new series we’ll be doing on and off over the next few months – “Questions We Don’t Ask”. This series will see me and others discuss raw, honest and challenging questions of faith and our spiritual journey. Questions I’ve been asking myself a lot in the last year. The type of questions many of us don’t like to ask, but the ones we need to ask more than anything if we really want to grow and move deeper in our spirituality.

These conversations aren’t merely about answering the questions. The questions are more jumping off points into a much bigger, wider and deeper exploration of Christian spirituality and our own journeys – because ultimately, all our journeys are connected, and there’s many of us asking these kind of questions.

Today, my friend Charles Porter, previous guest, formerly host of the Fable Podcast and founder of the Neighbourhood Liturgies, joins me to discuss the first question.

“What Do I Believe?”

This conversation goes into some deep, wide and interesting places way beyond the initial question, places we never expected to go. I hope you’ll join us, and that this helps you explore this and other questions on your own journey – and maybe raises some more.

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