imgres-5I began my writing journey with huge dreams. I dreamt of having a big publishing contract, selling millions of books, being an international speaker and thought-leader. It was all daydream stuff, and I never really believed it. But it was nice to dream it.

Then when I found Tribe Writers, I saw finally a practical, realistic way of getting there. And the course was phenomenal – I still to this day recommend it to people (in fact, there’s a new class beginning soon – you can find out more & sign up here or below the post).

But the problem was, it caused me to set impossible expectations of myself.

I set my expectations at the big level of my dreams, and when I didn’t reach those immediately, I felt like a failure. I wanted to give up.

And through the process I learned one crucial lesson:

Dreams are different from expectations. And we need both.

Let me explain.

I’ve been working with a few coaches in recent months, and one thing all of them have encouraged me to do is dream big. To have a big goal. To define what would be a big moment for me, what would symbolise this big dream becoming real.

And I have set this in my mind. I know what this would be. And it’s not a daydream anymore. It’s actually different, better from my daydreams. It doesn’t seem so fantastical anymore.

Crucially, it’s not something I expect to happen immediately. It’s my big win. It’s the moment I know my big dream is becoming a reality

However, my expectations are completely different from my dream.

Because if we set expectations too high, we’re just not going to reach them – and we’ll be left feeling a failure. (you can tweet that)

Just like I did.

The Path To Healthy Expectations

What we need to do, is to be constantly reviewing our expectations. Set expectations for the next season of growth which are challenging but achievable and realistic. Then when we achieve them, sit down and set new ones.

This way, we will constantly be meeting our expectations. And as a result, we will grow in self-confidence. We will have more faith in our ability to fulfil our dreams. We will believe if we keep working, if we keep investing ourselves, keep working, keep taking steps and moving forward, those dreams will become more of a reality.

Because the path to accomplishing big dreams is lots of small, achievable, expectations.

So of course, the confidence we gain from achieving this challenging but achievable, realistic expectations, will be reflected in our work, in our choices.

And as a result, we’re far more likely to get closer to our big win, to our big dream.

Indeed, setting realistic expectations and constantly reviewing and updating them, will make it more likely that one day, we will find our expectations will begin to match our dreams.

So keep dreaming big. Never let go of your dreams.

But embrace the reality that to achieve those dreams, you need achievable, more immediate, realistic expectations, and to be constantly changing and raising them.

And one day, your dreams might actually come true.

Are you with me?

Question for Reflection:

Do you have big dreams…and are your expectations too big?

Let me know in the comments below!

Tribe Writers

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Check out Tribe Writers today – you won’t regret it.  Find out more here.

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