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So many go through life with no sense of calling. They seem to drift in and out of jobs or careers, never feeling settled. Either they have no idea about calling and what their calling is, or they do, and are afraid to embrace it.

I’m convinced one of the reasons so many commitments people make for New Year don’t work is because there is no sense of calling behind them.

When I was younger, I thought my calling was to be a pastor. From about 16 this was what I wanted to do. I figured after uni I’d go to Bible college or something, and it would just all happen.

It didn’t. In 2002 I did a gap year with Youth with a Mission (YWAM), thinking I’d pass that and become a full-time Christian leader there. Nope.

At this point I began to see being a pastor was my ambition. Not God’s. And it was then God was able to show me my true calling.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been able to write. But writing came so easily to me, I didn’t appreciate or value it then for the gift it was – and is.

During my gap year however, all my leaders and friends kept complimenting me on my writing. Often asking me to consider investing some time in it.

It was pretty obvious what God was saying.

Despite my attempts at ignorance, I eventually accepted this was where God was taking me.

So I began a blog.

To begin with, I was an amateur who treated it like a hobby. But over the years as I began to mature and enjoy writing, this changed.

In 2010/2011 I took on a life coach for six months. They challenged me to be more professional, to invest in myself and my gift properly. In 2012 I began regular guest posting and completed the Tribe Writers course.

And meantime my tribe was growing. I was building a following online through social media and my blog itself.

However, two other things happened during this time. Almost by accident.

startwritingnow250wFirst, I completely fell in love with writing.

Secondly though, I began to feel a strong sense of divine calling within me.

Recently I was sitting at my computer writing, whern I had a sense where I was sitting was sacred space. Holy ground.

There was something divine about me simply sitting at my laptop writing.

Occasionally when I’m writing, I have a sense of total oneness with the divine. And even if my life is a mess, I still have complete clarity about my calling. I know I am living in complete harmony with the tune God wrote me to play.

Knowing my calling hasn’t given me untold success, fame and fortune. It hasn’t completed me. It’s not made everything okay.

But I feel peace. Clarity. Purpose.

In this area I am completely at one with God.

And I know there is so much more to do. More to learn and grow into.I see what God is giving me to share, and feel a sense of purpose. A purpose which to my delight and surprise, has nothing to do with making a living, selfish ambition, being popular, attaining a certain status or achieving any numbers.

I can surrender the outcome more easily. My calling is to write and create. It’s not to decide the outcome.

And the great thing about calling, is it can be pretty much anything.

For me it is writing and creating. For you it may be science, music, architecture, medicine, being a pastor, being a teacher, a stay-at-home parent or piano tuner. Anything. 

And this becomes our very own Holy Ground.

We can only truly grow if we have a sense of our calling. It gives us focus. If we are living in our calling, we are completely in tune with the will of the divine (tweet that here).

If you don’t know your calling, just begin paying attention. Listen to encouraging words of others. What do people keep telling you you’re good at? What do you enjoy doing? What are you doing already? What are your passions?

Your calling isn’t always going to be your job (writing isn’t mine right now). It may not even be a lifetime calling. But it is an important part of you. It’s something only you can do.

And it’s your own Holy ground.

Once you know your calling, you need to start taking action today to invest in it.

Give yourself to it fully.

Are you ready to begin?

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