Creativity takes courage (for guest post)Today I’m delighted to be hosting Shannon Trindade here on the blog. Shannon is a writer, blogger and communications pro who helps business & individuals all over the world connect better with their audience.

She’s an excellent writer & communicator & has a powerful message about creativity to share with us today. So, without further ado, over to Shannon…


If you’re like me, you’d do almost anything to experience more “ah-ha moments”. Those moments of pure creative energy are priceless.

In addition to feeling euphoric, creative moments allow us to experience being connected to something bigger than ourselves. More accurately, it’s a type of connection beyond what our brains can comprehend, control, and measure.

So how do we get more creativity in our lives?

It’s clear you can’t force creativity and ah-ha moments into your life, but you can help them evolve naturally.

Like everything in the world, creativity is energy.

Creativity demands space, and it’s your job to give it the space it needs. (you can tweet that)

I love experimenting with opening up space in my life, both physically (cleaning out a closet) and metaphorically (releasing old beliefs). If you’d like to experience more creativity, check out my favourite ways to invite creativity into your life.

4 Invitations To Creativity

1) Creativity comes from action, not thought: I am a serious over-thinker. I can stress myself out thinking about the best topic for an article, edits for a client, or content for a new program. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work so well; a stressful writer isn’t tuned into creativity. The only time creativity makes an appearance is when I simply show up and start writing. Even if you’re not ready to write an assignment or work on a project, free writing is a great way to dump out the metaphorical garbage taking space in your head and make room for the creativity you seek.

2) Embrace silence: Our world doesn’t always make it easy to sit alone in silence. While silence in your environment can be an amazing, creative tool (no TV, music, or internet noise), I am specifically referring to mental chatter, which is often worse than environmental noise in regards to pushing creativity away. What can you do to eliminate the noise in your head? One of my favorite tools is meditation. There are many meditation styles and techniques to fit with all personalities and preferences, and they all focus on clearing the mind and embracing silence. Give one a try, or better yet, commit to a daily meditation practice!

3) Practice awareness: This relates to embracing silence and decreasing the amount of mental chatter you regularly experience. Awareness focuses on the deep inner reality of life at any given moment. While it includes your past experiences, current life situations (good and bad), hopes, and dreams, it does so without controlling or taking your life the way mental stories often do.

Great tools to practice awareness are yoga, meditation, and the emotional freedom technique (EFT). As you become aware of what you are experiencing, moment to moment, you clear out the negative thoughts of the past and worries of the future. It’s in this newfound space where creativity drops by for a visit.

4) Take control of your life: I realise this sounds a bit wishy-washy, but creativity flows when you’re whole being is in synch. This means feeling great in all areas of your life (spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical) and doing what you can to increase your overall wellbeing.

Maybe that means eating healthier, exercising, visiting family or friends, taking time for yourself, or realising you actually have control over your thoughts and feelings – and certainly how you allow them to affect you. Yes, this can be scary, deep, and requires you be courageous, but the process is incredibly rewarding!


Try some (or all) of these tools and watch more creativity show up in your life. But, be sure when creativity appears you don’t ignore it. As a friend recently wrote, “When creativity calls, answer! She’s mean when you send her to voicemail”.

To Your Creativity,



Question For Reflection:

What methods do you use to encourage creativity in your life?

Share them in the comments below! 




Shannon Trindade (for guest post)Shannon Trindade is a writer, editor, and communication pro who helps businesses and individuals connect with their unique audiences.

She loves being around (both online and offline) internationally minded thinkers, splits her time between the U.S. and Brazil, and firmly believes we are all connected and must learn to cherish and appreciate our differences. You can connect more with her at and, or on Twitter at @ShannonTrin.



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(Picture Source: Shannon Trindade)

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