Encouragement & A Life In Writing – an interview by Troy McLaughlin (FREE MP3 download)

Troy MHi everyone. This week is my ‘week of encouragement’, and I’ve been sharing some great resources with you to help you encourage others, tell a great story and maximise the power of words in your life.

On Monday I talked about how words have the power to shape the world. I talked about my free e-book on authenticity and integrity with our words, which is available free on this site (more on that below).

On Tuesday I posted a video interview with Lorna Kopp, where I answered questions about the books, shared some experiences of encouragement, and talked about the link between Morpheus and Jesus.

And yesterday I guest posted for Chris Morris on the topic ‘Why Encouragement is The Secret to Discovering Our Identity’ .

Today though I have something different for you – an MP3 discussion/interview which you can download for free.

Last week I was fortunate enough to have a chat with writer and dear friend Troy McLaughlin (pictured), which we recorded on MP3. In it I share a bit my of my story, I talk about my writing journey from it’s very beginning as a 12 year old and how encouragement played a key role in my development.

We also discuss the issues of grace, creativity, writing and lots of other interesting topics, and I share some info on some about the upcoming writing projects I’ll be involved in.

Troy and I had a great discussion on these and several other topics – it’s not just me talking by any means, and Troy has a lot of wisdom of his own to share. Troy is a great interviewer and top bloke, and it was an honour to be interviewed by him.

I think it’s a podcast which will really bless you – I learned s much talking to Troy and he has such wisdom to share, which I know I benefitted from and I think you will too.

You can download the half hour or so podcast for FREE at the link below. I’m really excited to share this with you, and hope it really blesses you.

And make sure you come back tomorrow – I’ll have my post for Joan Hall on encouragement and community, it’s going to be good! Look forward to seeing you then!

Download FREE MP3 Interview by Troy McLaughlin here


Become More Authentic With Your Words

Dance Of The Writer updated CoverWords change the world. And it’s important we’re honest, and authentic with how we use ours, and use them to encourage, not bring people down. In our art it’s important to balance the need to be professional with the importance of being true, being honest in all our work and our life.

My e-book, ‘Dance Of The Writer: A Beginners Guide To Authentic Writing’ tackles these issues, and you can get it free below.


Tomorrow in the ‘Week of Encouragement’:

My week of encouragement concludes with a guest post for Joan Hall, on how encouragement & community are linked, and without either, we can never be who we were created to be. More here tomorrow!


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